Reversals: A Personal Account of Victory over Dyslexia

I chose to read Eileen Simpson’s autobiography as part of an assignment for one of my MAT classes. The requirement was simple: it had to be an account of someone who was educated while differently-abled. There were no restrictions other than they were of school-age; the on-set could not occur in adulthood. I knew littleContinue reading “Reversals: A Personal Account of Victory over Dyslexia”

Magpie Murders Review

I read this book for a belated O.W.L.s challenge. It fit the Care of Magical Creatures: Hippogryph challenge since it had a bird (and therefore a beak) on the cover. This book took me completely by surprise. I used to work at a certain Big Name Store for books where I specialized in Kids andContinue reading “Magpie Murders Review”

O.W.L.s 2020 Wrap

It’s hard to believe how quickly O.W.L.s passed! I’m definitely proud of my achievement of passing all twelve subjects. I have mixed feelings as to how this went. I feel like I could have finished certain books quicker and let myself get distracted, but I also had a lot going on this month and didn’tContinue reading “O.W.L.s 2020 Wrap”

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