Special News!

I am super excited to announce the beginning of a new project I’m collaborating on with some friends. We’ve begun The Sinister Sisters Book Club!

(I am absolutely in love with the logo my Sister created. She is so talented!)

Each month, we’ll have a buddy read you can follow along with us. We tend to favor YA books on the darker side and morally grey/dark characters, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, follow us for monthly reads, sprints, and lives chats. We’re currently on the following platforms:

We’re going to launch our first read-a-long in March. Our first book will be Crooked Kingdom! We’ve all read Six of Crows, but there’s time to catch up on both as our live chat won’t be until the end of the month. We did a short practice discussion the other night, and it was pretty interesting to see how we all related to the same book.

Right now, we looking at the following schedule:

  • March 1-7 Chapter 1-11
  • March 8-14 Chapter 12-22
  • March 15-21  Chapter 23-33
  • March 22-28  Chapter 34-45

Our live chat is currently scheduled for March 28 and our discussion post will go live at the end of the month, but we’ll confirm and share more details as it gets closer. We’re still considering a few things and want to make sure all our members are comfortable with various platforms and privacy. I might aim too finish super early with audiobook and refresh weekly sections with audio since my loan came in early and I’m nervous about delaying or not being able to renew.

It was a lot of fun setting this up. We have a lot of good books selected, but there’s still some room. It was kinda of this mad rush the night we decided to actually go ahead and do this. I think we had almost the full year with suggested reads based on our anticipated releases. We’re going to try to announce the next month’s pick on the 15th. Sorry that this one is a bit off-schedule, but we had a lot to sort.

I’m really excited for this project! I’ve been wanting to participate in book clubs for a long time. It’s been hard keeping this quiet the past few weeks until we were settled enough to launch. It was hard to settle down to focus on what would be best practice for now and what would be fun/exciting if we gain a following.

Again, feel free to join in the fun! I’ll still be keeping my regular content here, but there will be book club updates and announcements as well.

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