Book Tag Blogs

Book Tag Blogs

This is where you can find different book tag challenges.

Reading Habits Tag

Having a very “I want to do nothing” day, so here’s a quick book tag to help me feel accomplished. I originally saw this with PeruseProject. I think this might have originated with BookJazz? I’m not sure; I didn’t catch that part well. 1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading? SortContinue reading “Reading Habits Tag”


This is a book tag I’ve stumbled across a few times on BookTube. It’s rather straightforward, you have a few questions and you pick a book/author/series/genre that fits because you don’t mesh. Of course, these are just my personal preferences as a reader, and I’m not saying anyone who likes my choices is wrong forContinue reading “Anti-TBR”

Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

I know I’m beyond late to the game, but I thought this would be really fun to do. This tag originated with Du Livre, but I found it in DreamLandBookBlog This tag originally came out in celebration of Beauty and the Beast live action from Disney in March 2017. This is a veryContinue reading “Beauty and the Beast Book Tag”

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