January Illumicrate Box

The theme of this month is Rebellious Royals. It’s a debut space-opera about an arranged marriage in an attempt to preserve a truce. There’s supposed to be a lot of intrigue, mystery, and romance so I’m willing to give it a chance. I was debating skipping this month when I first heard about the space-operaContinue reading “January Illumicrate Box”

Asian Historical Fiction Inspired Haul

I’m really excited about this update. I’ve been trying to be good about not buying unless I’ve already borrowed it from the library and know I enjoyed it. I had these two books on my Anticipated Reads of 2021 and had put them on loan. For the first book, I just kept having this voiceContinue reading “Asian Historical Fiction Inspired Haul”

December Illumicrate

Another Illumicrate blog. This will be my third box, and I decided to continue my subscription since some good things are coming and I’m lazy with cancelling services. I’m very excited for their Archives release of one of my favorite series. In case this is a new service to you, they are a popular yetContinue reading “December Illumicrate”

Illumicrate November Box

I finally wrapped the first quarter of my MAT! While I was writing my finals, my lovely November Illumicrate parcel arrived. This contained a special extra gift for their anniversary. I am so delighted by this parcel. The theme was Spellbinding stories, and it certainly seems to fit. I’m currently receiving the Book Only boxContinue reading “Illumicrate November Box”

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