March TBRvatar Earth TBR

Hard to believe it’s already March! I had some fun with this challenge last month, even if I didn’t get some good books. The Chutes and Ladders style game combined with prompts from one of my favorite shows is really fun. I managed to read the books from the last month, so I have aContinue reading “March TBRvatar Earth TBR”

February TBRvatar Water Wrap

I only had 5 books this month, but this was definitely challenging since I seemed to forget the shortest month probably isn’t the best time to take on Tolstoy. I got off to a decent start since there was a very light beginning to my term. I did end up finally getting started with onboardingContinue reading “February TBRvatar Water Wrap”

Valentine’s 24 Hour Readathon

Surprise! I know this seems kind of weird since I’m doing a month-long reading challenge to pick up a random challenge unrelated to that. So without giving too much away, I actually ended up working through a lot of my TBRvatar Water reads pretty quickly and had a lot of time as school stuff gotContinue reading “Valentine’s 24 Hour Readathon”

TBRvatar! Water TBR

BookRoast invented this awesome board game to help work your way through your TBR inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender. I loved this show and I enjoyed her O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s read-a-thons. Basically, I’m a sucker for tying into fandoms or aesthetics. My TBR list has also gotten quite extensive and want a more creativeContinue reading “TBRvatar! Water TBR”


I read Legendborn as part of my belated N.E.W.T.s challenge and received it from Illumicrate in their November Spellbinding Stories surprise extra for their 5 year anniversary. As soon as I saw this, I lost my mind. First, the cover was absolutely beautiful. I loved the art and was immediately intrigued by the two contrastingContinue reading “Legendborn”

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