Special News!

I am super excited to announce the beginning of a new project I’m collaborating on with some friends. We’ve begun The Sinister Sisters Book Club! (I am absolutely in love with the logo my Sister created. She is so talented!) Each month, we’ll have a buddy read you can follow along with us. We tendContinue reading “Special News!”

The Poppy War Series Part the First

Hey, all. So, obviously this series has been talked about…A LOT. It was also announced the rights to adapt this series for TV! I’ve really been wanting to read them especially when some of my favorite BookTubers shared their thoughts and stunning Illumicrate editions. I was even more excited when I found out that theContinue reading “The Poppy War Series Part the First”

Trying New Things

Another odd post that doesn’t have much to do with me updating book progress, unboxing, or reviewing. I’m starting to try a lot of new bookish things lately. I’ve been kinda frustrated at how I can’t always access things I’m passionate about when I want/need through my digital library loans. This is particularly true forContinue reading “Trying New Things”

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